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Dec 27, 2012 5:30pm PST
wells, hitting one pool of oil. but now they are rapidly converting to horizontal wells up to a mile long and combining them with fracking operations which split open rocks, releasing oil once considered out of reach. and one drilling rigs can now install multiple wells in one location, making it more cost- efficient. a horizontal well produces seven to ten times more oil than a vertical well. >> today, we're not running any vertical rigs, and we're running eight horizontals. >> reporter: so this really is the future of what you're doing out here. >> it is. >> reporter: the industry insists fracking is safe but is worried about an upcoming e.p.a. report that could heighten environmental concerns over water contamination from fracking, and the two to ten million gallons of fresh water it takes to operate one horizontal well. jason bane works for western resource advocates. >> once that water goes into the ground and is mixed with the other chemicals, it's poison, essentially. it has to be disposed of. the overall concern is, we don't know enough to be going ahead this quickly with fra
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
recent presentation says u.s. horizontal crude oil growth 2005 to 2012 equal 80% of crude oil production. isn't this chart a chart of almost everything that you've done? because how many other companies have your growth in those two fields? >> well, it is true that we're the ones that found those two horizontal plays. and we have the best position and the largest producer in the eagle third and one of the largest in the balkan shale play. we like to think we're the one that is kicked off this whole horizontal oil boom in the united states. and turned around the production in the u.s. >> and another page in your tremendous presentation which is probably the most bullish page i've seen in pages in terms of how i feel about the world and i think you do, too. 1920 to 2012, u.s. crude oil production growth you, had this being reversed because of horizontal oil success and you were putting us back to where we were in the 1960s in just another couple of years? >> yes. we believe that u.s. oil production is entirely due to the horizontal drilling in the shales is going to grow by about 2 million
Dec 22, 2012 6:00am PST
it is windy and wind is pushing it in gusts. horizontally, we're here in a fairly empty parking lot. i think people are arriving to work to set up shop but we are pretty alone and cold. the wind gusts that are pushing the rain horizontally are creating standing water across san mateo, parts of san mateo. i would imagine most people won't be standing out in the rain at any time this morning. if you headed out to last minute shotgun or hitting road to go visit family and friends for the holiday, be sure to allow you extra time. be sure to check your abc app, i have my phone in a bag so it doesn't get wet. but i see that more rain is headed our way for the peninsula and headed south. my photographer and i were bracing ourselves for more wind, more rain and a little more chilly temperatures will bring you the latest in about 30 minutes. for now, we're live in san mateo abc7 nice. >> katie: happening right now, chp says both directions of highway 1 in marin county near olema is blocked. drivers are advised to avoid the area otherwise expect delays. no estimated time for the roadway to reopen. >>
Dec 3, 2012 8:00am EST
. the weight of the iron is perfect. just use to figures it will do the work. look >>guest: at the horizontal steam that is pouring out. this has a breakthrough of italian design it will give you steam of epic. do all types of fabric chiffon, et taffeta, stretch and knit, denim, silk wool cotton. all seasons of your wardrobe. that is as the horizontal steam >>host: look at that professional quality look. sold that is that about quantities. i am telling you that you will love this island >>guest: this will rot your wardrobe world as you watch the wrinkles fall away >>host: -- rock yourt world. i iron this water i am wearing now. this has more steam than my other idea and that i paid three times more 4. >>guest: this iron has been written up and has won at the latest in some of the worlding some magazine.3 have that and ceramic plate watch the effort list glide move. you have an easy clean that. the frame distribution and temperature is up to 500 degrees that is incredible. to 300 degrees and you will have patchy spots. with this you had even heat distribution. even the most difficult fab
Dec 22, 2012 5:00am PST
are windy and chilly and very wet. hopefully you can see the rain is coming down horizontally. it is really windy. the rain is coming down in heavy gusts. it's intermittent. there are periods where it gets really heavy in sonoma this morning, on our drive down 101 from san francisco, wasn't too heavy. you can tell that the rain is moving south on the peninsula and it is coming down in droves down here. like i said, it is windy and chilly. there is standing water on the roadway in san mateo. we hope people head out this morning and maybe you are going shopping. be careful out there. if you are headed out. allow yourself extra time and maybe take your "abc 7 news" app and check live doppler 7-hd. check on where the rain is headed. >> katie: thank you you. we'll get a chance to talk to president obama, what would you ask him? students are writing him letters sharing their hopes for the future. lyanne melendez has more. >> the letters started out with a simple salutation. >> dear president obama. my name is nataya. >> what follows is child's vast curiosity, do you wear a suit everyday? and ques
Dec 22, 2012 8:00am PST
it was deluge this morning pouring rain a, who are piston dal rain that -- horizontal rain that was making rain standing water. there was a lot of standing water. as the sun starts to rise. the light of day appears, it seems the vein disappearing. again you'll need those windshield wipers and need to keep headlights be on and be aware there will be slick conditions. nothing like the downpour we saw as early an hour ago. pulling up my "abc 7 news" app and live doppler does show a yellow band, some rain will be handgun headed our way in los gatos but it's not here quite yet. we'll check back with you in 30 minutes. >> katie: power outages because of the weather. here are the major ones according to pg&e, loyola along 280 has 21 customers without power that is due to two separate outages. scotts valley, nearly a 1,000 customers. they estimated the power could be restored around 10:00. lexington hills, two outages affecting 470 homes. san carlos, one outage with 348 customers, pg&e hopes to have those outages restored by 7:00 a.m. >>> first, a mudslide because of all the heavy rain, chp says the sl
Dec 11, 2012 8:30am PST
to flow horizontal and vertical leap. we created several modules to make it easier for contractors to attach the documents in a standardized format. we do not have to go deeper anymore. i don't have a formal education in i.t., however, i have deployed some systems when i was working for the industry, and i brought in young, energetic staff to help. we implemented this. it took three months. people knew when they were going to get paid. i think we have a happy contractor community. >> these system improvements have really it increased service to our clients and reduced costs and really improved the bidding environment for our contractors. it's remarkable what she has done. >> been a public service -- being a public servant is a good thing. i love my job. i would never exchange it for anything else in the world. [applause] [applause] >> i am from the department of public works. i have the honor of introducing jocelyn quintos. i will just a real quick, jocelyn works very hard. through her work, a lot of contracts and a lot of work that she does -- she has brought new systems that have
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm PST
was such a big deal. we have a huge amount of natural gas. horizontal drilling and fracking, natural gas has great potential benefits. much cleaner than coal. it is $1.75 per gallon equivalent to less-expensive. it keeps jobs here and does not send billions of dollars to a dictatorship. there is fear about what happens and we sat down with halliburton and the oil and gas services companies. we understand they have trade secrets. we showed what the ingredients are and it took a six months but we got the environmental defense fund to claim victory and have halliburton claim victory. here is a transparency, set of regulations that will protect the public and settle down all the hysteria and kirk -- furor about fracking. i did it when i was a kid diyala this. how do we get past that fear and uncertainty and create some sort of predictability to business needs? that became a symbol for our issues. to find the appropriate compromise so we can get on to the next problem. >> would you like to bring us up-to-date on california? maybe give us a sneak preview of the may revise briefly. >> where selling
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
of horizontal drilling, the same in rerenaissance but the epa has to quit being political and make a ruling on the decision, whatever the ruling is, let the energy companies abide by them to tap the resources at home. tom: but not only the feds, two big states in this country, new york and california, both of them are blessed with a lot of energy under the ground, both are in financial trouble, billions of dollars upside down, both will not go near it they said, governor cuomo in new york said we're not do that fracking, you can count on me. >> if you have a governor that says we don't like fossil fuel, i'm note sure what you can do with the guy. i think if the epa, they are the one stumbling block on this, would make a ruling and say this is how it is safe, i think governor cuomo would go along with it and ohio one of the worst hitstates caution of recessio dog of recessionthere f this recessiobecause of this ret probably need be to state to state, geological formation have you in wyoming is different from what you have in new york. probably a state by state ruling with overall federal get
Dec 1, 2012 12:00am PST
't like people, that development horizontally sprawls right into suburban areas and you get horizontal development, transit -- rather auto dependent development which is not good for our vieerthv. environment. you are being asked today to institute a fair process so so that honest brokers can challenge battered projects while protecting good projects from the bad players whose motives have nothing to do with environmental protection. to finish, i'm party to the negotiations with senator rubio in the state capital working on c-e-q-a reform hopefully next year. what you are being asked to do today is a process to hasten the c-e-q-a [speaker not understood] will not be addressed as part of that process. what you're doing is important and it will have meaningful impact. thank you. >> thank you. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is joan wood. i live in north beach. i'm a native san franciscan, third generation, actually. it was interesting that supervisor wiener seemed to be revealing that the main thing that has sent him into this litigation is the north beach library. it really m
Dec 2, 2012 9:30am PST
, horizontal and vertical lines. in this room, most construction works at 90 degree angles. if you look around the room, this beam is a little bit curved. but where the beam meets the wall, it hits at a 90 degree angle. basically makes a vertical and horizontal line. you want to look for these things when you look at a building. and it's not always obvious . if you look at this building, this one was an example of the racking we talked about. see how these studs are starting to fold on each other? if this whole thing fell over, the studs would be connected to each other. this is an example of the racking. obvious example of racking here; right? if you walk into this building, you are going to say this is heavily damaged. easy. large cracks. again, you want to look around the doors and the foundation. here right at the doors because, remember, the soft structure is the bottom structure. that's going to move the most. then right around the doors are structural members of the house. that's where you are going to find a lot of the damage. this one -- but look at all the doorways again. this buildi
Dec 9, 2012 5:15pm EST
in the past five years, the horizontal tracking and other developments that have made it possible with a much smaller surface reached much larger tropes of fuel than in the past. the green energy sources that consumed the most valuable part of the global environment, which is the surface of the earth, air above all soils on the surface of the earth. you know, you have cells in windmills and biofuels and all of these systems waste what is important, which is the surface it ears, while ignoring the almost infinite tropes of energy below the surface of the earth that can be reached with a very small footprint of usable land. >> what is all true wisdom and how does that fit into the capitalist system? >> all true wisdom is an orientation towards the needs of others. i believe capitalism is intrinsically altruistic. that is to say that capitalism is based on making investment without any assurance that others will respond to god. capitalist investments only work if they respond imaginatively to the needs of others. that is why think capitalist and is all true state of socialism i believe is intrin
Dec 27, 2012 5:00am PST
de encontrarlos desaparece en el horizonte, más allá de las huellas de auto que marca la frontera, un límite que no existe para las persona que buscan el camino de sus sueños . >> dos días después de realiazr el reportaje autoridades de estados unidos dijeron que arrestaron a 18 personas, ninguno r r r ♪. >> no se comprometió rené pérez, el vocalista de calle 13, pero confirmó que quiere ser padre en el 2013, veremos el beso que le dio a su novia frente a nuestras cámaras. >> su corazón late por puerto rico y latinoaméric . >> ustedes han estado muy a favor de que se cambie el estado de estatus de puerto rico . >> la idea es poner en cuestionamiento el estatus político de puerto rico, que lleva tiempo en cuestión, este, este, pero la idea es incluir a puerto rico, por lo menos no me siento hay hartos puertorriqueños . >> igual que la trata humana . >> hace un tiempo que comenzó la campaña con unicef, hay muchas cosas que hacer ,es un tema súper complciado, ha yq dedicarle mucho teimpo, entonces nos hemos reunido con ellos y estamos encaminados en hacer algo con el
Dec 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
that sent the rain horizontally around san mateo, and an hour later, but that was only treasure. on highway 17, the rain picked up but the cars weren't slowing down. in san jose, the relentless rain flooded themer meridian onramp, closing is for three hours. nearby the worst effects of the early storm was happening at the same time. a driver going too fast for the conditions skid across five lanz of innocent 280, crashing into another car. one landed on its roof. the other went halfway down the embankment and landed on its side. surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt. >> luckily everybody in the collision was wearing their set beets and when they're not in situations like this you often time see ejections and major injuries, and today it's just mine your complaint office pain. >> drivers across the bay area agree in weather like this, defensive driving is the key to staying safe. >> people are still driving fast. you just got to watch out for them and slow down a little bit and anticipate the worst of what other people might do if they hit puddles. >> people should slow down like 10-miles-
Dec 9, 2012 1:30am PST
for growing the downtown area. >> the reality is that downtowns are vertical, not horizontal. and there's an awful lot of that 1 and two-story development, it's frankly tends to be falling apart. >> reporter: in order to keep the live music aspect of his shop in a new location, there are things to consider. >> we're going to have to do some upgrades and things like that, like we did here, in order to accommodate live music. >> reporter: one thing is for sure. if art boutiquey ends up leaving, it will be missed. >> i'd hate to see it leave downtown. the military bowl is great for san jose state football but many question if it will help the school academically. >>> many question if state football will help the school academically. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: san jose state may be ranked no. 24 in bcs but academically it's far from the top. administrators are planning to cut many classes in the spring. >> it's awesome that the football team is doing well this year. 10-2 it's awesome it's giving the school recognition and name value in the bay area to bring kids and other footb
Dec 6, 2012 11:00am PST
) in a horizontal see, is aesult of self-construction. in a chaotic, disorganized way, without planning, it spoaneousen e in all direcons. rrator: today, saoaulo h swelled toncompass over 3,000 square miles, stretching more than 50 miles from end to end. many oe new neigorhoods were b on stee stab mostere nocognizedby theit but some neighborhoods ifdid progress. jardim valkíria, or "garden of the valkyries," was fas a colctionatters mof cardboard scks.ago slowly, solid ildings appeared. stores and crches opened, streets were paved and some utilities were installed. bus routes connected the neighborhood to the city center. t wiout official recogtionnd ow, these peopleemain squatters. so their community leaders are negotiating with the city government for land titles and city services. (speaking portugues ) translator:itles the first things we want here are day care, a health clinic and a school. these are the three ings we need most urgently. narrator: if these newest migrants receive official recognition, a path toward assimilationath behind and integratiofore them, anslator: i wa to s
Dec 19, 2012 12:00pm PST
francisco has added more continental crosswalks with wide horizontal lines and more school crossing guards. >>> president obama is threatening to veto a republican compromise plane aimed at avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. he wants the increase to affect those making $400,000 and above. john boehner, $1 million. >>> facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is giving his largest gift to charity so far. weiss donating a $-- he's donating $500 million in stock to the silicon valley community. this is his second donation giving since the group founded by warren buffett and bill gates. >>> this morning, six nonprofit groups shared in $1 million worth of grant money from chevron. the recipients were announced less than two hours ago at the middle school. the grants go toward groups that provide jobs and education in the rifmond community. one -- richmond community. >> this is just one more indication of how much we invest in this community. how much we believe in this community and we -- how we understand that when richmond succeeds, so does chevron. >> since the program started in 2009, chevron says
Dec 1, 2012 3:30am PST
by constructing a rear two-story horizontal addition and any partial third story [speaker not understood] middle residence with [speaker not understood] at the front and rear. the property is located at 88 28th street. the adr was filed by an abutting residence [speaker not understood]. it is still consistent with residential guidelines. [speaker not understood]. the adjacent residents to the east is two stories over a raised basin. this property, the subject property is a key lot in lot three residential properties, real property line above the property line above the subject parcel. the shallow rear yards of these abutting properties is somewhat of a typical feature in this neighborhood. the residential design team [speaker not understood] any reduction in light and privacy of the properties to the west and the impacts should not be considered unusual given the blockblock's established building pattern. the residence along -- that abut the side property on subject property, you have 12 to 15-foot setback which is an established pattern in this neighborhood. some buildings in this area, you hav
Dec 2, 2012 11:30am PST
they would use horizontal drilling as a means of creating a duct bank and go from the under street area where the cable would be laid to underneath the bay and the bay muds and exiting the bay, and then it would be laid across the bay floor. and that bay floor route is about 2.8 miles. this is a heavily regulated project under the jurisdiction of the california public utilities commission. they are the lead agency for the purposes of conducting ceqa work. both the city and the port would have a number of permit approvals, either encroachment permits or building permits. there are a variety of state agencies including the regional water quality board that would have to approve the project in all likelihood and the army corps of engineers would weigh in as well. these are federal waters and have jurisdiction over projects like this in federal waters. we have negotiated a proposed term sheet that includes the use that i have described. about half million square feet of submerged land that is used to lay three separate capables. it would be a 40 year agreement with option to renew for 26
Dec 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
look at the horizontal picture of the tree it comes up to 6' and there are multiple branches coming off that, which is poor structure having multiple branches from one point is a weak point for branches. so the picture that you see here that i will put on overhead. this is looking down into the crouch of the tree, where the branches emerge. the decay is actually happening at the weak point of connection for all of those branches. >> could you put that on the overhead, please? >> absolutely. >> so if you could point to the part of the tree that broke off? i think i see it, but i just want you to confirm it for me. >> there is one image and this area here is part of the previous failure that occurred. >> okay. >> see the cavity that is created here, the interior? so the branch basically fell out of this area, creating the cavity. >> so that branch, was that branch diameter the same as the other ones? are those sort of extensions of tree -- i don't know if that is called a branch. >> it's called a branch. >> was it as large as the other ones? >> i'm not sure, this was report
Dec 12, 2012 8:00pm PST
that the d p w and s f p review all of the horizontal extrusive proposal and is third party estimates that were very sure that she is shes have good very muchs prior to city action and we want the capital planning committee do this extrusive make recommendations to the full board for each i f d a pen appendix. now, obviously, this is an he is wees one to prove for the sale scale of these project and to leverage none city resource and is continue best practices of city participation. so, this is graphic just shows the a investment post the adoption of the water front land use plan and you can see there are seven scene million dollars of new value since 2,000 and that is for the exploretory and at&t park, pier one and disprawn if we have the crews terminal project for one 10 million or $827 million of investments since the adoption of the water front plan. the three project that weave i'll that brad will be talking about in a moment is at a much larger scale in these three proposed project and you will see as you look at the project that there is about 400 and $10 million of planned
Dec 14, 2012 9:30pm PST
it expands to 30' in width. project consists of approximately 21' horizontal addition at the rear of ground floor and creation of a garden level below the ground floor extending 32' from the building's existing rear wall. the project also includes decks above the rear extension, as well as reconfiguration of the two units. the dr requester is lawrence rambling who owns the adjacent property to the west. he included a petition that includes 38 names of people in opposition to the project. his concerns include the project's affects on the privacy of adjacent properties and project's intrusion into the mid-block and open space and potential negative effects on light and scale. since the commission packets were distributed last week, the department has received communication from two additional people in opposition to the project, copies of which i will pass to the commission for the record. the project was reviewed by the residential design team, which found it to be consistent with the establishment block open space pattern founded to be appropriate in height and scale and found that the proj
Dec 4, 2012 8:00am PST
. everything has to flow horizontal and vertical leap. we created several modules to make it easier for contractors to attach the documents in a standardized format. we do not have to go deeper anymore. i don't have a formal education in i.t., however, i have deployed some systems when i was working for the industry, and i brought in young, energetic staff to help. we implemented
Dec 17, 2012 8:30am PST
valuation. a horizontal addition and a vertical addition certainly will result in additional assessment. by the way,? are interesting because the rules change. if you are on the ground and it is a patio, it has different rules. if you lay a flagstone patio, you're not getting a permit for a deck. but if you build -- let us say you build a deck that is less than 30 inches off the ground. no permit is required. it does not go to the assessor reporter's office. between 30 and 36 inches off the ground, you need a permit. you can expand the entire size of your rear yard. if you are more than 36 inches off the ground, you have to meet the planning department open space requirements and encroachment requirements. there is a whole range. another thing would be converting an unfinished basement or adding living area, which is happening very often. people are taking the back of their grosz and turning it into their room, or an attic. that is happening in lot. you have to be assessed for that. i think that is a very green thing to do because you do not have to add building. do you have anything to
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 116 (some duplicates have been removed)